Sunday, 18 October 2015

Build a LEGO DOMO!

Domo is the official mascot of Japan's broadcaster NHK. The big mouthed character is normally portrayed in brown, but I didn't have enough of that colour, and decided to go for light grey:

The teeth are important for the looks of this character. I used the 1x2 plate with three teeth, often seen in the LEGO Mixels sets, e.g., the 41545 Kramm and the 41537 Jinky.

Domo has four teeth in the upper and lower jaws, but the part only has three. Still, I think the three teeth part is good enough to make a recognizable Domo figure.

Ideally, I would have preferred some black, round, beady parts for his eyes, but at this scale, I couldn't find any good options. So I just made holes for his eyes. The holes are made by using a 1x2 jumper plate (with a central stud) for a half unit offset.

From the rear, you'll see that I have used a 4L bar to connect the legs. This looks rather odd, but it does allow for a bit of articulation of the legs:

I made the legs separate like this to get the right shape of the body when seen from the front. Do you think you can improve upon the leg design? Why not give it a try!

Here is how I made the figure. The parts for the limbs are on the right hand side, and the two 2x4 tiles are to cover his back:

Note that I am using a 1x1 brick with technic hole, and the blue pin. But that is just because I didn't have enough 1x1 bricks with stud on the side. So if you have the 1x1 bricks with side stud, use that rather than the technic brick.

Also, you can replace the two additional technic bricks with normal 1x1 bricks. Again, I just took what I found first:

The two red 1x2 tiles will become his mouth:

The red 1x2 brick has studs on both sides:

When all is done, connect the two 2x4 tiles to the red brick on the back to cover up his internal organs:

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